Wellness Treatments

Sensitivities & Allergies

A non-medical, non invasive approach that uses the latest energy techniques to quickly identify and treat almost any allergy or sensitivity. Includes testing for foods, liquids, medications,supplements, environmental issues. Can also indicate deficiencies due to poor absorption of vitamins/minerals.

50 minutes: $95

Weight Loss & Management

Many dieters lose and then regain weight because they lack the tools to maintain weight loss. This individualized session deals with certain Mind/Body issues that sabotage your efforts.

50 minutes: $95

Past Life Regression

Ever wonder what your soul purpose in life is? This session allows you to experience a past life that is relevant to your life today. The profound insights gained can be used to positively assess and direct how you live your current life.

90 minutes; $145

Hydration Testing & Treatment

The human body is 70% water and our brains are close to 90% yet many of us are chronically dehydrated. Through a rapid, noninvasive test and treatment we can allow the body to effectively use the water we drink. Can be combined with allergy/sensitivity session.

25 minutes $40.