What do our customers say about us?

I journey in a new consciousness of life and it’s a time of new beginnings for me because of Gary Rosenthal. Being a Master Applied Kinesiologist and Counselor, Gary tapped into my inner being releasing all of the dark energy. Life events are all about Truth and Integrity and up-front communication.

Through Gary’s therapy I was able to release the emotional trauma of my husband’s passing four years ago. Even with 46 years of marriage I began to release the pain and trauma that literally was causing my body to break down.

I am now on a true path of wellness and I have enormous heartfelt gratitude to Gary for allowing me to fulfill my life’s design and purpose. Being 74 years old I plan to have quality of life to age 100. 

Michelle Jolly Smith –  June 18, 2019

I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor and feel I owe much of my recovery to Mr. Gary Rosenthal who showed me through deep tissue massage how to heal  my breast reconstruction adhesions caused by my mastectomy and  through the introduction of body mind massage also known as Thought Field Therapy.  

I’d like to say he helped me “tap” my way out of stressful situations and how to basically deal with and even anticipate stress and not be afraid to address it.

Our sessions were a combination of traditional massage and body mind massage. Gary always made me feel involved by encouraging me to ask questions which were thoroughly answered and also explained the tapping techniques in such a way that I could easily add them to my daily routine at home.

Gary worked with me for over 8 years but has since relocated from my area. Although  I miss his massage technique and thought field therapy sessions, I am so grateful that I can continue on my own with the tapping exercises whenever I find myself emotionally distressed, sad or anxious and I always manage to feel relieved and at times most stresses are reduced or even  completely eliminated. 

I know through my own experience that anyone seeking to heal mind and body at the same time will undoubtedly benefit from his expertise, dedication and utmost attention. 

I highly recommend and trust Gary and his cutting edge approach to healing and belief that you can heal yourself.

Clara Stryker, July 5th, 2019

Gary Rosenthal’s bodywork and energy psychology talents helped me through some difficult times over the past several years: notably during an intensive period of grief after the death of an intimate partner, and also with the aftermath of a serious auto accident. 

He used several techniques that brought healing much more quickly than I would have expected.  Gary’s insight, intuition, and experience makes him an excellent practitioner.

—Denis, retired clergy, Lower Lake, CA