Mind/Body Treatments

Mantra Meditation

MM is an effective method to quiet the mind. $30 million in US government research has proven that Mantra Meditation effectively reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and increases the immune function. Promote peace of mind and a host of other health benefits. Reduces sleep disturbances. Helps controls appetite and addictive urges. MM is neither prayer, religion nor a philosophy. Learn this practice at a fraction of the stateside cost and time from a 35 year Master teacher. Guaranteed results.

50 minutes: $95

Thoughtfield Therapy

TFT is a cutting-edge Energy Psychology tapping technique taught as a self help method to completely eliminate negative emotions, including trauma, grief, sadness, loss, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, shame, guilt, addictions and phobias. Rapid and empowering. Guaranteed results.

50 minutes – $95

90 minutes – $135